Got in to see RE today

So I left work at 10:30 am w/o giving my boss much notice which he was so understanding.  My mom went w/ me as my DH is taking classes this semester to finish his masters (AT 39 yrs old:) and I knew if he missed today's class it was possible he would be missing it in the next 2 weeks when I go in for next IUI sooooo, mom came through:)  She wasn't bothered by it at all as she hates Mondays and told me she would look for any excuse to leave work!  We had a blast singing to music and cracking up at stupid little things.  It was good for us to just go and spend the day together esp with all my mood swings the last several weeks. U/S looked good and no cyst per RE.  Ovarian reserve looks great but he went ahead and did b/w for FSH levels just to be on the safe side.  He wanted to do 1 more IUI w/ just clomid and I quized him on maybe doing injectables this cycle.  He said we could but that he felt pretty good w/ just the Clomid and if it didn't work this round, we would do injectables next time.  Oh, how I pray we don't ever have to go back to the clinic except for the insemination in the next couple of weeks.  The drive back/forth to LR is really wearing on me.  I so wish there was a local RE I could go to but I'm stuck now.  Don't get me wrong I like my RE he just has zero personality.  But he knows his stuff and I trust him so I'm just going to hang in there:)   I'm so tired from the drive and want to go to bed right now and it's only 6:30.  Hope everyone's Monday was a good one!