goodbye ds.

hello everyone, im just writing too say that im leaving ds.
i have my own personal reasons for leaving, and i apologise too my friends that im gonna leave behind.
i've met some amazing people on here over the years, some very inspirational people, people that mean a lot too me, some good.. some bad.
there have been many people on here that have helped me over the years, and have gave me the strength too go on.
so for that i thankyouu.
i guess its time too sail the seas alone now, thankyou so much for all of your support, love, kindness, and words of encouragement.
its sad that this has come too an end, but as i said.. i have my own personal reasons for leaving.
im sorry too anyone that i have upset, or been an inconvience too in the past.
i wish you all the best in life, and i hope that you find the courage too one day put your problems behind you..
im sorry. i love you all!



i love you all so much and im sorry thats things have come too an end :\'(