Good Week

Stressful week, but a good week overall I think.  Wednesday, I walked the dog 44 minutes with David.  My food was good that day.  Again, water is always room for improvement.  Yesterday, I did my Wii Fit for 20 mins (jogging) and then walked the dog for 22 mins.  My food yesterday was really good:  coffee, high fiber oatmeal, banana, fat free yogurt, fruit cup in juice, meatloaf, instant mashed potatoes, corn, 1 diet soda, 1 slice high fiber multigrain bread, 2 tbls natural peanut butter.  (I came really close to going over my points for the day.  The peanut butter and bread did it, but we ate dinner late and I got the sugar shakes terrible.  But it did the trick and kept me from eating the junk food until dinner.)  I have been trying to watch my portions as well.  Today, I went to the YMCA and did 36 mins on the treadmill (2.37 miles) and then 25 mins of lower body weights/abs/back.  Also 5 mins of stretching.  I had coffee and a Fiber 1 bar this AM, and then in the car (I am so proud of myself, I packed everything in my little lunch bag/cooler as I knew I was going to be in the car for 3 hrs), I had 16 mini apple cinnamon rice cakes (represents 2 servings), a deli thin whole wheat roll with some turkey breast, and I just ate an apple.  And my water is really good today so far.  Almost 58 oz which is really good for me. Paul got the cable bill the other day.  Seems my son has been doing the pay per view movies at night in the middle of the night.  #1- they cost money!  $14 so far.  #2- what the heck is he doing up at 3am, 4am, 5am?, #3- All of the movies were "Friday the 13th Part 1", "Friday the 13th Part 2", "Feddy vs Jason", etc.  And they are ALL rated R.  He is not allowed to be watching rated R movies.  AND, when he gets snagged over this, he gets all mad at us!!!!!!  Ugh!    So the payment for this is now coming out of his allowance (he gets $12 per week) and he is banned from watching tv for 2 weeks, and we put parental locks on the tvs and the On Demand feature.  I am going to have to password protect my computer now as well.  Man!   I am kind of beat up from work this week.  Very stressful.  Got back to work Monday after 2 weeks off.  Phone ringing off hook and stress to get things done.  Also, got my new laptop on Wednesday, so lost almost a whole day in that process.  I am very much looking forward to the weekend and to finish reading my Nora Roberts book.  I will try to get to the Y tomorrow AM to make it 4X this week.  I am confident that I will lose weight this week.  (I cheated and stepped on the scale already today.  Plus, my Wii Fit told me.)  I also want to give Kona a good grooming and bath this weekend. Anyway, will check some journals etc.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!