My computer was'nt working.Everyone know's what A pain in the butt that is.Physically and emtionally it felt like when I quit smoking 10 year's ago.Thing's are still stressfull at work.The store is being remodeled and changed around.Emotion's are running high and feeling's are being stepped on.We finally had A melt down thee other day.I let everyone know I felt like I did'nt count or I was'nt important.Everyone said oh no thats not true and I have to admit everyone was nicer not just to me but everyone.I'm hopeing thing's will lighten up but it will be A few week's before the project is finished so I'm exspecting more eposodes of melt down's over the next few weeks.It is playing havac with my fibro.My 3 cat's are doing great.I've gotten most of my Christmas shopping done.My computer is fixed.I only work 3 day's this week.I took Friday as A vacation day.Lord know's I could use 4 day's off in A row.My son Andy and his girlfriend Megan are coming Thanksgiving.I finally got done with "TRUE COMPASS"by Edward Kennedy.Now I'm reading "GETTING IT THROUGH MY THICK SKULL"by Mary Jo Buttafuoco.Remember her X husband Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fischer?She say's now to her X husband is A sociopath.With all the defending she did of him I think being shot in the head wroke her up.Well I'm ready for A nap.