Good stuff, just how to handle it.

I called my dear oldtimer friend and he asked me to come see him today.  I automatically thought of him, his roomie is not around much these days and he needs help getting around.  I am feeling a little spent as I've spend all morning running errands and such and it just is not the most convenient thing, so I need to take some time for me.
Well I am dealing with a new bf situation and he is infinitely good to me, and it is up to me to set up boundaries, I tend to lose myself and give away some of my "me" time that is so crucial, like inviting him to some of my groups that I am probably not ready for it, in the hopes of letting him have some benefits from them as well - Al Anon, MA.  yeah and seeing him in AA, and just having a new mate, it is pretty neat.  So I can change my mind and tell him I need some "me" time and he has already understood that, it is up to me to set it.
I ended up talking to him about the previous T I dated and even R two years ago, he knows both of them, T very well, so it was kind of a chance to give my perspective and let him get to know me.  I journaled for an hour last night about our day together yesterday, and did some long overdue crying about situation with Previous T - I had still liked current T while I was dating the other one, and that was very hard for me to be in that situation out of "convenience" and "obligation".  What disappoints the most is his son got hurt - I was in and then out of his life, and we'd gotten quite close.
It is in the phase where I am joking to T about my situation, like him telling his boss about me and me saying realistically, oh what does your gf (me) do?  (unemployed).  Where does she live? (parents house).  And what does she drive? (no vehicle!) Anyway I could laugh about it and yeah, it is what it is right now.  He said I had "potential" I had to LAUGH because I've picked guys for that reason!  I can see he is absolutely not in the business of "rescuing" me which is healthy, and yet we can talk about stuff and he makes suggestions without wanting to butt in, anyway I'm really happy he's in my life.  The relationship has taken on a new level and it is all exciting and new.  He said he's thought about letting me use his car, but wants me to figure out my own stuff, I said I didn't want that responsibility of using his car!  Anyway that seemed healthy to be able to talk about it.
Old care got sold to friend who works on them and he told me he got it started and the mechanics receipts showed he did not do the work I paid him for.  I need to do some "inventory" on my feelings about that.  In fact I need to do a lot of 10 step inventory which has been clear to me for a while and which T is helping me learn more about in a simplified way, as my own sponsor is a little less by the book with that stuff and so I've been limited in my own understanding in a way.  I am so grateful - it is up to ME to do these things!!  New NEEEDS as I see fit and need to stay well.
I did some gift shopping and come to library to use email and job hunt.  I went to Al Anon and will go to AA tonight, I have a new commitment.  I get to see my elderly friend who has a bday tomorrow and NEED to remember this too shall pass, as I can come see him and I also can take time for me to make sure I am getting some food beforehand, not feeling so "spent".



Sounds like you have a busy life! So glad you can help out your elderly friend-good for you! Journaling is good. It is also good to cry every now and then-it can be very cathartic! Take care and God bless.:0)