Good News On A Friday!

Friday, July 11, 2008 – Update   This morning, I went for my usual monthly visit to see my primary care physician. In writing a progress report for him yesterday, my physical therapist nearly scared me to death telling him that I have spondylosis. I have learned it is a spinal disorder requiring immediate surgery.   After reading through my medical records today, my doctor said that I do not have spondylosis. At the same time, he acknowledged that because I have severe scoliosis, there might come a time, in the future, when he will refer me to a back surgeon.   He has prescribed continued use of a pain medication, two additional months of traction therapy twice a week, and giving pool therapy a try to help with my range of motion. I am agreeable with all of this.   I agreed to go ahead and try getting a service dog. I am to meet with my doctor’s social worker when I see my doctor next month. The social worker and I will then start filling out numerous forms and applications, as well as discussing possible problem areas and potential solutions for them.   This turned out to be a much better day than I had originally thought it would be.