Good news...I think

I received the decision from the SSA Disability Judge today and he found completely in my favor. Now,barring the Appeals Court deciding to intervene, I am to be contacted by my local Social Security Office within the next 60 days to discuss my benefits and such. He also found that I have been disabled since the day that I filed. If his decision stands, then I am due a nice hunk of change for back payments. After the attorney gets his slice, and the govt gets theirs, that still should be  tidy sum. Initially I thought "Hooray". But then I thought "What are you happy about? I would rather still be working and not be in a position to qualify for this junk." Oh well, it's better than being sick and not qualifying. I'm going to have to contact my attorney though. The decision lists my age as 51. I am 61. I don't think that this will affect anything but I want to be accurate. The money will help a lot. Hope the appeals court doesn't decide to review the decision. Be well,Tom