Good news

I was worried about my last MRI.  My doctor had said she would only schedule an appointment with me if it showed considerable changes or if she needed to change my medicine.  I went today and it is good news!  No increases in the lesions on the spine or brain.  In fact one lesion disappeared!!  My previous MRI was in 2005.  So I am hoping with continued exercise I can regain some of my strength and stay mobile.  If ther are not any big changes I should be able to continue to get stronger.   I am still walking with the assistance of the walk-aide by Bioness.  It seems to help my fatigue levels.  I also am exerciing 4x a week and managing stress a little better.  It is hard some days.  Today is  a good enough day so far.  I still need to do some shopping, so we will see.  At least my spirit is up a little.  I am grateful for that.