Good Morning

  With a wink of my eye and a Kiss on my cheek, my friends and God have Gotten me through so much...This site has wonderfull dear people that keep going through so much wihile sharing a shoulder for someone else to cry on...  storms come and go for each of us, but God is here for us all, each in different ways...if we only dare to believe we can have the hope of that beautifull sunrise that makes us feel warm and loved inside,   it is given to us by our Heavenly Fatherand if only for one moment looking at it, we believe in him, than that is the moment we can have hope and believe that one day we will all rise from our beds and walk without pain..animals will play without killing each other...and our days will not be numbered anymore, pain is here for now, somewhat  under control, with thoughts of sunshine and warn gently rain, a job well done, a snow ball fight, a hug from a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a sunset, a thunderstorm, a bird singing, a cuddle from my cat, a letter from a dear friend, but most of all a new day each day to choice to be happy....Many Hugs to My FriendsKathy