Good Monday

Even though I didn't feel very rested after I woke up, during the day it got better. I put away the laundry and felt interested in doing things. Even though I still can't make decisions for the love of god (I think I stood in the supermarket about 10 minutes trying to figure if I wanted orange or cranberry juice)(I ended up buying neither since I just got stuck in my head), at least I felt a bit in touch with the real world again. The major accomplishment of the day was definitely that I cooked for myself. Haven't done that in I can't remember how long. I even cleaned up after myself and washed the pans. My sleeping rhythm is pretty okay too lately, I still need a bit more sleep than usual but at least I can sleep again before 2am and get out of bed before 12. Overall, I can really say today was the first time in a while that I felt honestly good. Lately I felt things had just been getting worse by the day so it's reassuring to have a good day like this then. 
My parents came by yesterday to help me with some practical things again, we moved my bed for instance which created a lot of space in my bedroom. I love this new layout and already got ideas how I want to shift things around in my conservatory and living room. Which is another good sign I guess. Also I went and booked tickets for Imogen Heap for me and my brother. I'm already looking forward to going, I went to see Muse with him too which was simply beyond words. Our tastes in music are very alike and we often share tips on new artists with each other. Also, it's always nice to have a 1.90+m guy with you at a concert, comes in handy when people get pushy. 
Tomorrow my yearclub will come over for dinner at my place and hopefully finally discuss planning our trip to istanbul, then head to the party. Think I'll make them finish the last whisky standing around since I won't drink it by myself. Anyways, I hope the good feeling and energy will stick around some more so I can enjoy all of it. It would maybe make the blood drawing a bit easier too. I'm planning to go in the morning, around 11, so I have the rest of the day to recover haha. Otherwise I'm trying to pretend it's not really happening. But knowing myself, I'll start growing nauseous as soon as I enter the hospital. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long so the anxiety can't build up. I think I'll bring my mp3-player with me so to distract myself with music. 
Aff, the entry got long again, while I just wanted to let you know about my good day. I guess I like talking about myself too much? In any case, I wonder if today was just a fluctuation in the pattern or if I'm starting to feel the lithium taking effect? It makes me curious towards the rest of the week. 



I wish a fabulous rest of the week for you :)