Good Dr. Appt.

I had a good appt. today with my Primary. He gave me a Antibiotic Shot to speed things up and also a Rx of Keflex. He had told me that I could resume my Enbrel Shots in a couple of days and when I told him that my Rheumy told me to skip this week, he said that whatever he suggested is fine with him. He also explained to me that it is important to come in and get treated right away if anything comes up. Even if it's not an infection it can be treated as if it were and double the protection. He assured me that enbrel was a very good drug and the inserts of side effects are a legal document and necessary to protect the dr's from malpractice suits. He told me that only about 1-2% of patients maybe come down with any of those big side effects. He also said thaat Prednisone is perfectly safe as long as you stick to the 7.5mg rule. Don't go above that and you'll be ok.That's if you don't already have Osteoporosis. His Mother is on 5mg and has been on it for 8 years, she is 76 years old. Of course he wishes that I didn't have to be on the meds either, but he said qualitiy of life is what they strife for.I really trust him and we had a good talk. Covered everything I needed to know in 10 min.