good day to be happy

Today has been great so far!  Nothing major to report, but am feeling a sense of calm for a change.  Have come to terms with my kitty being on her way to heaven.  She is still with us now, but I think when her time comes that we will be able to face it knowing she had a life where she was loved and cared for, with many good years of health before this.  She had one litter of 8 beautiful kittens. 
Was thinking on the way in to work today that we are so blessed ( can't believe I said that) to have a second chance at living life to the fullest.  Some kept on the road to distruction and didn't ever find a way to rid their life of the torment of alcohols effects on health, family and self.  I thank God every day for the chance we have all been given to turn it around.  Hang in there everyone!!!