Tomorrow I leave for my annual trip to Lake Tahoe for continuing ed.  I am soooo looking forward to leaving the heat here behind (109 F today!)....and it will be in the nice dry 80's there during the day, and down to the 40's and 50's at night.  HEAVEN!!!! Last year I was soooo worried about being in such a gambling environment...where I had gambled a lot in the past.....but this year, I feel very confident I will return still gamble-free!I don't want to get over-confident....but I just picture myself waltzing by the machines and tables and feeling proud that I am not falling prey to the wiles of the casino operators. A guy who works in my building used to see me late at night at the blackjack tables and "came out" to me that he has a gambling problem.  I told him I haven't gambled since 1-1-08, had to quit...sooooo tired of losing.  He assumed I was going "off the wagon" going to Tahoe and told me his favorite "hosts" to mention his name to......I was happy to let him know I'm still not gambling, and said I'm enjoying life a lot more without it!   I'm so thankful I'm not tempted to fool myself into thinking I could be a "winner" in a casino anymore! There are no winners there....only people who haven't quite lost everything yet! I saw some show on TV a year or so back that showed casino hosts discussing taking down their high-stakes players.  It was just so brittly cold and heartless....40 below zero cold in their hearts.....I just don't know how they can prey on people like that!  I guess it is a "game" to them to fleece wealthy people of their money....do they feel superior????   In the same way a drug dealer feels superior to the junkies they sell to????   What really matters is how I feel about myself....how am I doing?  Am I able to feel pride in the way I'm living my life?  Am I taking responsibility (and the power that comes with it) for my own life? I'll try to check in while I'm gone, but probably won't post much....wishing everyone a great week! Love to Everyone.....Dianne