Going to see my Mom tomorrow

I've been feeling okay today... my stomach has been acting up, so that has been a problem. I go see my mom tomorrow, so I have to make this quick and get up early tomorrow. I sure hope I can sleep tonight. I got less than 5 hours of sleep last night   I didn't want to take any sleeping pills this morning since I have go to to sleep early tonight, and boy is it working! I'm tired... but I should be with what little sleep I got. 
I did my workout today, oh boy did I! I first went back to the grocery store to get the things I forgot yesterday, and then I had to go to the clinic and pick up some chairs they had for me there. I spent an hour rolling 3 chairs down the street until my friend from the hospital picked me up as I was entering my apartment complex and drove me to my door. It was so nice of her to do that... she was just on her way to the gas station and saw me walking pushing those chairs and took pity on me. I was covered in sweat and stinky! I got cleaned up when I got home, and then Geo and I had dinner and watched some TV. We just ate regular dinner, nothing special. Other than that today, I had 2 Fiber One bars for lunch and another with dinner, a chicken thigh for breakfast, and also a chicken patty with some salad for a snack. I don't know how I did on my calories since I didn't have time to put them in my tracker today. 
Overall, I'm feeling pretty good again... Now I don't know if this is hypomania because of the sleep thing, but I took some Restoril and hopefully will get a good night's sleep tonight. I'm going to leave my mood as okay for now, and will see how it goes in the morning. I won't be able to get on until late tomorrow night, and will probably just post another journal before I crash. I will probably write it on the train like I did last time. Okay, I'm going to keep this short so I can get to sleep and wake up early and go see my mom tomorrow! Yay!



Have a good trip Rissa, enjoy the time you have with your mother. I hope you got a good night of sleep and were well rested.