Going to a concert

Today I have to be brave so I can do something fun. It may seem really silly to you, but I have a very bad issue with anxiety. Going out by myself takes a lot of work. I am driving to Hershey, PA which is a little less than 2 hours away to see one of my favorite bands, CREED. My husband is camping in NH so I have to go by myself. My therapist thinks a great idea, but I am a little apprehensive. Because I have chronic pain issues, I am afraid of getting sick and not being able to drive home. Because of my PTSD from the rape, I am afraid to be alone in a crowd of people and having a flashback or something and being completely alone and without support. But I really love this band. And this is a reunion tour. They broke up 5 years ago and who knows how long they plan to stay together. I could not bear to miss it. I am going to see them again with my husband next week. Right now I just keep telling myself that everything will be ok and that this will be really fun. I will have a good time and enjoy the music. I love music. It's funny that this is causing me so much anxiety because music is the thing I use to help me relieve my anxiety. So this should be fun and soothing. I am packing a bag in case I don't feel well after the show and need to stay over some where. I am also taking things with me that I know comfort me. So wish me luck.