Going through old papers

I am going through the old papers, and shredding old stuff. While going through the paperwork from the state of Maine, I realized that they sent me a letter terminating our Mainecare more than a week before we actually moved.
I came down early to set things up, and filed a change of address with the post office, which is how they most likely found out the new address in the first place, but the notification came to my mother's house, so I have to assume that that is the answer.
Whatever the case, Their letter terminating benefits was dated September 5th, and we did not move out until September 16th. 
Not that it matters, but I had planned on informing them, as I am required to do, as soon as we officially moved out. They make a big deal about "reporting requirements", stating that we have to inform them within 10 days if anyone moves, however, they informed me prior to the move, so I was released from that responsibility.
When I actually moved, I was not on benefits. Well, really, the only one receiving benefits by that time was my brother, anyway. 
Receiving benefits is nothing but a pain in the but to begin with, anyway. I cannot believe how much trouble they put people through and the attitude that they display towards the people - I just do not want to go through it again, and I know that I will have to.
I'm taking great pleasure in destroying all those old papers. I just pray that the state of Maine will leave it, and not try to come after me thinking that they can get something from me because of breaking some rule or other. They terminated benefits, and that should be enough for them, I should think. There will be no "estate" for them to attach, as I will never own anything ever again - there is no way I will ever be able to accumulate anything.