God's Provision

God is working through people to touch our lives in such a powerful way.  It was only 2 & 1/2 yrs ago that we were considered wealthy.  We made a quarter of a million dollars a year, we traveled and had money to share...and share we did. 
Fast forward to now.  My DH lost his job and feels like a shell of a man.  Our family has lost everything and we are on WIC and Food Stamps (2 programs I knew nothing about)...and we still cannot meet our obligations or feed the family.  We are drowning financially...broken emotionally...devastated by the loss of our baby...unable to meet our basic obligations.
So, it did not surprise me when our trusty suburban seemed to need new brakes.  We had $500 from Jason's unemployment, but somehow needed to pay our $2,000 mortgage, $500 in utilities, a car payment and a HUGE amount of medical bills and a HUGE gas bill for driving back and forth to Children's hospital (often 2 or 3 hours due to traffic) out of that measly $500.  What was I going to do?  Our little Sophia had to be up at Children's hospital that morning, so I sent my DH with her and I took the car...driving down the main street in town...praying that God would lead me to an open mechanic...the RIGHT mechanic...at 7:30 a.m. 
The first couple of ones I passed were not open...then I hit Pep Boys (a major chain) and saw a man setting up cones for the intake area.  I felt like God said to go there, so I pulled in.  They weren't open yet, but the man that was out there looked in my wheel well and said he could tell that my calipers were malfunctioning...they had shredded my brake pads...we were grinding metal to metal.  He mentioned a few more things that he could readily see were a problem.  I burst into tears.
I have mentioned before that I was never a crier...not until I lost Matthew.  Now, at the drop of a hat, I burst into tears. 
The poor mechanic rushed over and hugged me saying, "NO!  Don't cry!  You're making me feel terrible!"  (lol  poor sweet guy).  I explained that my DH lost his job in September, that our 2 yr old is in & out of the hospital all the time and that we have $500 to our name to last the month.  He ushered me inside and told me to let them get the Suburban up on the rack.
Luckily I brought a book on helping your child with Chronic pain (I NEVER get time to read!!)  I read it cover to cover during the 3 hrs I sat there.  I kept asking the Lord if I should check on the car...wondering if they forgot me, and He said "NO...rest here and trust me." 
Finally they called me up to the counter.  They started going over all the things wrong with the car...I needed new calipers, brake pads, rotor turned, axle repair, new cables for our battery, and a few other things.  I knew we had passed the $2,000 mark in repairs. 
I started tuning them out as the list went on and praying, "Lord, you know the balance in our account is $503.  Please help me to NOT panic when I hear the total.  Help me to trust in You...that You will provide the difference of the repair cost and what we have.  You know our bills even better than I do...help me to trust that You are providing for us." 
The man finished his list of repairs and then tallied everything in the register and turned the papers around to face me...here is your total today...I was thinking "Please be a $502 miracle amount!! PLEASE!!!"  How embarrassing it would be to have to wait there for hours for my DH to get back from the hospital because I could not afford to pay for my repairs and had no way to get home!?!  LOL
Now, remember that I am 40...and need bifocals...so I could not read the amount very well.  I kept trying to make it out and then finally asked him to read it to me ...he said, "It is ZERO.  You don't owe us anything!"  I was not quite understanding and stammered a bit...then said, "I guess I don't understand."  He told me that the brake pads were their brand name, which meant it was a warranty repair...HELLO?!  The brake pads were 5 yrs old!  LOL  So, I asked about all the other work, and he just winked and said, it is all under warranty! 
I burst into tears!!  They were so very crowded and probably did not want everyone to know they had just given away thousands of dollars of repairs, so I just made sure to get their names so I could be sure to thank them via their corporate office (again NOT for giving away the bank, but for their PHENOMENAL customer service!!). 
I don't even know all they did...but I know the Suburban feels like a new, safe ride and actually stops!! 
I don't know how they worked it all out, but I DO know that God was working through them!  I know they will never realize what an INCREDIBLE blessing that was to our family, but it is!! 
God is so good!!!