" God Put Love In Me"

I have had love for others in this body in which I reside. 
Most of my life.
My mother used to tell me all the time.
You're too good for your own good.
That is the way God made me and I wouldn't change it if I could,was always my reply.
Then after losing so many of the ones I love.
There was still more of it sent to me from above.
Now I try to share that love with everyone.
I want others to know I loved them when my life is done.
That is why I chose the username ------------------Reallove



Well dear...that\'s a perfect name for you! Keep sharing that love honey, keep it up! You are awesome!

I can\'t take credit for that, that credit must be put where it belongs, first and foremost to God and then to others, like yourself!!!!!!
Thank you Sweetheart for the comment,you have no idea how much it means to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi my dear friend .I have not been on for a couple of days because I had another big wammy .I had to put my little dog(Buddy) to sleep on thursday of last week so I have not had the energy or the fortitude to talk to anyone. I miss your little notes.I hope every thing is going well for you Lilian