God is love....

"God is love and if you are full of love you are full of God"....that is the first line on my ex wedding invitation.  Wedding is on Feb 12.   I found myself surprise by the wave of sad that went trough me.  For some reason I feel like he is the one looking good now.  He is even quoting the bible. 
The sadness is still with me.   I don't know how to explain it.  I feel like even tough I am moving on with my life, somehow my scars are still there.  Congrats to him.  To them. 
I love God, but lately have not been to church.   So there, he is the one preaching God.
Am the one trying to live a life with forgiveness, with love;  and my ex is getting the credit.
I am far from perfect.  But I am a loving, caring person.  I don't understand why this is bothering me so much.
My daugther remains cold and warm at times,  since I think the wedding might be affecting her too am just letting her find her answers. 
I will go to a family gathering this afternoon.  Is game night and my soon to be daughter wants me to go and have a good time with her and her friends so we are going.  Hope this feeling fades aways.
Is this normal?
I know I am  a little crazy in the head....but  Is feeling this down when your ex is  getting married normal?   I wonder.



I think if I knew my X was getting married, I would laugh my head off! That man has NO BUSINESS ever marrying again. Over the 30 years I spent with him he had issues with \"commitment phobia\" and I don\'t see where he has made any move toward change in that area.
Let it slide off you...your feelings are normal, but don\'t let them consume you. Focus on YOU and YOUR FUTURE.

I would be jumping for joy to know my ex was remarrying. Well he did marry again and personally that is funny. But then I tend to laugh at everything.

Acknowledge the feelings and then move on. (((HUGS)))

I understand how you feel. When my ex married the skank ho/now wife, it stung a bit, but only a little.

My ex has also found God--goes to church twice a week, reads the Bible, etc. One thing he has never done is come to me and ask forgiveness. Guess God hasn\'t provided him with a backbone yet.

I\'m sorry this has hurt you. Keep moving forward. Hugs!

hugs for you over this situation. I think I\'d feel as you r so just go with it and heed what the others have said. Acknowledge those feelings and then take care of YOU, and yr children. And by the way, I\'m sensing a nice hot, strong cup of tea! X Rattles

It is normal if you still care. As for me, when my ex got married, I was glad because I could hold 3 hours of tapes to play for her over his head if he didn\'t stop calling me.

As far as him quoting scripture, my ex was leaving scripture all over the place about forgiveness to try and make me feel guilty for not staying with him. I forgave him, but would NOT DREAM of staying with him.

Now, if this was my last love, yes, I\'d be feeling the same way you\'re feeling...sad. Like I said, it it normal when feelings are still there.

Your ex is probably just putting on a show the way a sociopath does. When the novelty wears off, he\'ll show his true colors and she\'ll be calling you to see if that\'s how he was with you.

Just keep letting your daughter know you love her and maybe you, her and your new family can fnd a chuch together! Make sure it is a fun one like mine!