God and That Peaceful Place

I told this girl (Lizzie) about this place i went to earlier and yesterday.
I kept on rambling about it saying how peaceful it was etc etc, and she says it is very likely that it is God knocking on the door, and wanting me to let Him in. She said that she prayed for me last night as well, im not sure what she was praying for me about though. And in that place i was feeling God's love.
I would let him in except im a bit scared that its going to change my life a lot and that i wont be able to turn back to my normal faith of being agnostic. She says why would you want to turn away from Heaven and Jesus? She was also agnostic and doubted the existence of God, she still does occasionally.
She told me about Jesus, most of the things i knew already like he suffured for us, and that he's God in human form etc etc, except from 1 thing: He loves me more than anyone else ever can. I was extremely doubtful of that, as i dont really feel loved at all, and i am incapable of being loved. But still God loves me apparently, i kind of see it
She then asked me for my home address, cos she wanted to send me something in the post or by "snail mail" i asked what she was gonna send me, she wouldnt say though, anyways i have to wait 2 days for the item or letter, im guessing if its an item: it would be a bible.
She has a lot of faith in me, otherwise she wouldnt pray for me, im really grateful for that
Ill post up what it was in 2 days or more knowing our postal company! Either way im really looking forward to it!
Im basically wondering whether i should become come Christian or not? Im rubbish at making decisions, by the way!