I spent half of the day sad. No guts for nothing, only wanting to sleep. In the afternoon I talked with my new online friend Steve. Talking made me feel better. After talking I realized how many good things I have in life and specially how good my boyfriend is to me. And you know, I have decided: "I WANNA HAPPYNESS IN MY LIFE" "GO AWAY SADNESS". I don't wanna stop to do things I want to do or enjoying a beautiful weekend because of sadness. So my first goal is: this week I will have only good thoughts. Everytime I see a bad thought is coming I will think about that, find arguments to show it is NOT real truth and make a positive version of this thought, repeat this new version sometimes anda see how I feel during this week.  Once I have tried to have only good thoughts for one week and  I felt really better. Bad thoughts consume so much of our energy, we have no idea of how they difficult our lifes. The interesting thing that happened was that although I had only good thoughts while awake when sleeping I had a lot of nightmares. Interesting huh? I think there is some connection. But the important is that while awake I was feeling totally okay. I will try it once again. FOR A POSITIVE WEEK. Wish me luck guys!!!