GJ Tube

On November 18th I had a GJ (gastro-jejunal) tube placed. My specialist reccomended this over other feeding tube options because the formula is delivered straight into the small bowel, there by totally bypassing the pancreas. My main goal for this is to provide my pancreas six months of not having to do anything. In addition to the J part, which is what I get my nutrition from, the G section goes into my stomach. So, instead of vomitting, I can simply just drain my stomach. I really didn't have too many doubts or fears about living with this for 6 months. Mainly that I'm 20, almost 21, and I can't eat while out with friends. Plus, with the holidays, it's a drag that while everybody engorges themselves, I'm just drinking clear liquids. All in all this hasn't been near as bad as I originally feared it would be. Though, I'm sure with a little more time, things will start to pop up. On Saturday my tube clogged to the point where they had to replace the J section (after only 10 days). Since then I'm obbsessive about flushing. This is really the only way to prevent clogging and it's really worth doing this instead of going through the hassel of trying to unclog the tube.