I have been feeling so giulty that my mom has to take care of everything when i am really bad. i get so bad that i cant get out of bed all day and how am i suposed to take care of my 15 animals if i am laying in bed all day? i cant! my mom has to take care of them for me and i worry about what is going to happen when i move out i really dont like reliying on someone else to help me. im the kind of person who likes to do things on my own so that i have the satisfaction nowing i can do anything all by myslf and i think it scares me knowing i cant take care of my animals or run a household all by myself i dont want to have to reliy on my mom all the time for everything its not fair to her or me when i get older i always wanted to move away somewhare with mountins but how am i supposed to with out my mom there to help me? even if i get married it is very inportant that he doesnt have to take care of me all the time what kind of marrage is that? and cfs is so unprodictable. around dec. i coudnt even wash my own hair now this month i had been doing better but one day i over do it and i am out for about 3 days layed up in bed. and i am also back to the same thoughts all over agin.