girls weekend

Well I went on my girls weekend this weekend and it was ok but before i left on friday , i had to stop home and pack up for myself and son. My husband hadn't said anything all week about me going, he was doing rather well but im sure that was because the previous weekend i had told him i wanted a divorce so he was on his best behaviour. Well friday i get home to pack and he starts to go off on my on how he will be so bored and lonely and what is he suppose to do, i told him im not responsible for his entertainment and to figure it out cuz im going. He continued to lash out and yell at me about how selfish my friend is for wanting a girls weekend and how she should include spouses cuz we all have husbands and its not fair to leave them out. LIke women are never supose to  be without there man or have time apart cuz that leaves them out and omg how unfair is that, sometime we just need a break for gods sake and have women time. Its not like we were going out on a bender and getting drunk all weekend we had our kids with for goodness sake. So hes yelling, its selfish and how hes going to tell my friends husband that shes a alcoholic drug abuser and that she shouldn't be going anywhere with her kids. So i proceded to pack up as my son is there listening to him rant and rave, slamming doors, i packed up in 10 minutes told my son to get his shoes on and we were out the door not before he was telling my son to just stay home with him since its a girls weekend and that he shouldn't go and then telling him i love you son and have a good time, not saying anything to me, so i proceeded to get in the car and he yells from the door, Well i love you too, i replied you werent talking to me so why would i say it to you, asshole. I know i have a temper but thats just after i had been listening to him go off on me, i hate my life!!of course he called 20 minutes later and apologized , have a good time and i wont call your friends husband i was just mad, what a dickhead