Girls, girls, girls!

I haven't written a journal update in such a long time.  I never wanted to be one of those people that disappeared after I got my BFP, but my life has changed so much over the past few months.  I occasionally stop by to read updates, but rarely comment.
We found out last weekend that we're having 2 girls.  Baby A was very cooperative.  She showed her stuff immediately.  Baby B, on the other hand, was a little more stubborn.  (She must take after mommy.)  The technician was determined to figure out her gender.  We had it done at the hospital on a Sunday, so luckily she had time to spend with us.  At first, she thought Baby B was a boy, but wasn't convinced since she had her legs pulled up under her.  The tech said it could be a toe, or it could be a boy.  Well, after her investigation, she came to the conclusion that Baby B is also a girl. 
Although I had seen my babies many times before, I was so emotional at the beginning of the ultrasound.  I couldn't help but think of everything we had been through to get to that point.  I remember looking at the screen at the beginning of the whole IVF process hoping that my follicles would grow large enough, the pain during the retrieval, and looking at the first images of my future babies after the transfer. Infertility is hell, but seeing my wiggly babies on that screen made all of the pain, suffering, heartache, and pain worth it.



Exciting! We just hit 20 weeks and found out we\'re having a girl too. What is your due date? Can you feel them move around? I\'ve been feeling a lot of wiggling or shifting and little tiny taps that I think are kicks.