Getting through all the stupid crap.

I know things like a busted pipe or a stupid flat tire are things we all face in day to day life. Somehow though when your going through a Divorce even the most common little day to day things SEEM SOOOO FRUSTRATING AND IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Why is this I wonder? When my H was here there were plenty of times when I had to fix a leak, or unclog a toilet or even hand wash our clothes if the machine broke down. Somehow right now these little annoying stupid things send me off the deep end. All I have to do is call the office and they send someone out hopefully in a day or two. I know it's no big deal but during these times I feel sooo alone I feel angry and frustrated that i'm left here alone to deal with these things. It wears on my heart and soul it's not that I can't deal with these things on my own i'm JUST PISSED THAT I HAVE TOO. It's almost like the universes way of saying " Hey T your alone and life sucks for you right now so lets throw ya a flat tire and see what that does to you."
I feel like all these super frustrating life farts as I like to call themĀ are always a reminder that no matter how well I think i'm doing or how far i have come, maybe my life won't ever really be totally ok again. It seems as though I have this little dark cloud that follows me around and as soon as I have just a little peace or calm then BAM!! Here T here's a little poo for you. I don't think I have had ONE DAY in the past 8 months where everything was great from morning til night. Something always gets screwed up my apt, my stbx, my kids, my dogs, my job,my friends, my family,my car, my bills, ALWAYS SOMETHING!!!! I would just like ONE FULL DAY OF PEACE PLEASE, JUST ONE where nothing breaks, cries, gets shut off, poops, or pees anywhere in my apt... Just one day is that too much to ask for??????