Getting through...

I'm not missing him as much as I thought I would.   Instead, I'm finding myself so overwhelmed in getting ready for Christmas that I'm just trying to stop playing until it's over.    I like to craft, and this time of year I do quilts (wall hangings and table runners) and then there's the dogs (I do pet sitting in my spare time).   The house is decorated the best it's going to get - 3 trees up, snowmen lights on my front window, presents all wrapped and ready - except the table runner I'm working on, but I've decided that that one is going to wait until next year.   One of the trees had the lights go out last night and I just don't feel like dealing with it so I unplugged it.  And starting tonite, I'm going to have a house of 7 dogs, 4 cats for the holidays.   Great extra cash, lots of chaos.    They make me laugh, but at the same time they don't give me a break - dogs like lots of attention - and I've got them for a week.
So last night, I "ran away".   I needed a break, just for me.  So I went to Dairy Queen, got something to eat with an ice cream for afterward, and then drove to a parking spot downtown where we've now got an outdoor fireplace.   I popped in my Christmas music (Bing Crosby, the Lemmon Sisters, Ertha Kit), sat there watching the fire for the half hour I ate and enjoyed my ice cream.   Yep, just what I needed.  
So here we go.... 2 boxers arrive tonite.   Gonna be fun!   



I used to horse sit for extra money. Now they live with me all summer and I have a long summer season. Some of the horses will be here for 7 months and then go home for winter.

Staying busy is good for the soul. But be careful, I find my farm is now running me instead of me running the farm. LOL

I try to run away but I have to eat in my truck on the way back home.