Getting enough of DS!

I have tried and tried not to take insults and name calling personally. I have watched two of my friends on here self destruct. I have read journals of women on here who are unable to forgive their husbands for infidility.Today when one of my friends accused me of being nosey hurt very deeply more than she will ever know! I have been here for her and have not pushed at all. I have been supportive every time she needed me to be there. I have shared more personal info with her than anyone in hopes of helping her to heal. Your words hurt!I can relate to vicitms of rape. I have been there. I know not to put myself in that position ever again. I thought I could help!I have resolved that maybe I am not strong enough to take the insults and name calling.I came here to seek comfort for infidility. It's not working.I will work on thingsĀ as I see fit.