Getting closer...

Well looks like its likely Minocin I'm now allergic too. Tested out the other three suspects and it wasn't them. I guess it's thanks for a decade of RA treatment my old blue capsule. Hasta LA vista...
Ended up logging in 44 miles of training last week. One 16 mile ride on pony. One 12 mile ride testing out daughter's horse (MY former endurance mount) and then 16 miles where I led one and rode the other. So over three days my butt survived 44 miles!
That last 8 mile lap we began playing leap frog with an Eventing team. (Monster horse that jumps eight foot obstacles like its nothing).. oh my, race was on! My two little horses acted like they were fresh out of the stall! Had to hold them back on the muddy rough areas. We'd pass her then she'd pass us 1/2 mile later. 
We've agreed to play leap frog again next Sunday. It was great for her young horse to practice staying behaved while passing and being passed. It was great for putting the competitive spark in my two. As well as they did - they'll be ready to enter a 25-30 mile race by April. And since my energy stayed up and I only suffered from minor butt chafe. I'll be ready soon as well.
Next Sunday I'm shooting for 24 miles. Promised hubby to save on gas and go just one day a week. There's a competition April 18-19. And I'm entering it this week.



Good that you found out what was causing the flare.

Your riding sounds like great fun! I love horses, but it has been years since I\'ve ridden one. Still I enjoy being around them.