getting close...............

I guess I have a lonnnngggg rope because I've been at this for quite some time now and I'm getting to the end of it. 
T didn't come home two nights ago - was gone all day yesterday and then showed up at 1AM.  He called my cell and woke me up.  I've been sick for the last week, didn't sleep very well, finally got to sleep and then he wakes me.  The garage door pad wasn't working which is why he called me.  His explanation as to why he hadn't called me to let me know where he was?  His cell battery died.  I told him that was a lame excuse (he's heard that line numerous times).  He didn't offer any other reason why he didn't have the decency to call.  I am not even pleased that he was out all night with or without a call.  
Of course, he pulls this stunt when Dad is out of town.  One more trip for Dad and I'm ready to give this kid a choice - either he follows our simple rules or he's out.  I hope my husband will go with the plan.  Obviously, his anger has subsided since T took his money - because he's given him some more - twice - but hopefully he'll get on board.  



It always happens when Dad\'s out of town in our house, also. They know who to manipulate. Hugs.