Getting better.

I am finally beginning to feel a bit better. Still feel awful in the mornings but not too bad in the afternoons. Sally came over Mon pm. She liked her presents. She gave me a mug with chocolate spoons & chocolates. She knows me well.
She helped me to put photos up on Facebook & sort them out. At least my profile photo looks better now.
I took a friend to the movies yesterday. She has'nt been out for months & cried when we came out.
We saw "The Kings Speech" We could only get seats on the front row which is awful but the movie was so good you forgot you were almost lying flat trying to see the screen.It was amazing & should win plenty of awards.
We had coffee & desert after so it was  a nice time.
Of course I woke up feeling crap again but am ok now. It is 6pm though! I took Ed,s dinner in to him as I did'nt have the energy to get it ready before he left. He is working until 10pm all this week. Back to school. If people can't get back to school things before 10pm something is wrong. He is so tired, poor thing.
The floods in Queensland are so awful. I can't imagine what it must be like.
It is so humid at the moment. At least we have power. it has been switched off in Brisbane.  I can have the airconditioning on.
The area affected is bigger than France & Germany put together. Houses just washed away. People missing & dead. Terrible. It will take a long time to get over it. Australia is a country of extremes. Drought for years & now floods.
Tomorrow I see the eye specialist. The left plug has come out again. That is the third one now. Also I am seeing floatersin my right eye. It is strange. It looks like spider's web in front of me. It moves & looks like it is in 3D.I hope it is nothing to do with my medication.
Well, time to get something to eat.



It sounds like you had a nice time with your friends. So funny how you described having to lay flat to watch the movie so close. I really want to see The Kings Speech.
I\'m not sure where Ed works...but if he\'s one of the kind soles that makes it possible for kids to get supplies late at night- God Bless him. I\'ve done it a few times- not a happy Mom. With me it comes with a consequence so I\'ve noticed that my son doesn\'t ask me to drive him anymore. He takes the hit in the grade rather than deal with Mom having to get out of her jammies at 9:00.
I am surprised that the news groups aren\'t reporting more on the floods there. So frightening.
I hope that your eye exam goes well today.

Ed is a store manager of an office supplies store. School does\'nt go back until the end of must see The Kings Speech.