Getting back on track and it feels GREAT!

In the last few months, I have been feeling like I have gotten off track with my life. Maybe its just because I am learning so much about myself (positives and negatives).  I have started praying every morning and every night. I have started going to church again, started working out again, eating better and just feeling better overall. The power of sincere prayer and gratitude is overwhelming (in a great way). Its a daily conscious effort I am putting forth. I don't penalize myself if I don't say my morning prayer at 10am. I don't set any constraints on myself. I have a list of things to do but I don't feel the need to get them done all in one day. I have, in my past, limited myself by old false beliefs and I have changed that. The funny part is the more aware of just how silly some of my beliefs are, the more pop up. So I am saying to myself "now why would I limit myself that way?" Its working for me. So one day at a time I will do myself best to live my life in a conscious way. Ha!
Thank You God for being on my side no matter what. Thank You for showing me Your will for me and giving me the courage and strenght to carry it out. Amen   



This is wonderful! So happy for you that you are being proactive and getting your life on track. I, too, limited myself for so long that it nearly drove me crazy. All the perfectionism, people pleasing, and lack of self-care really took its toll on me. I also can relate to the \"why would I limit myself that way?\" question. I find, the healthier I become, the more I see just how poorly I used to treat myself. God has also blessed me with the strength and knowledge that I didn\'t used to have, so now I can finally begin to LIVE. Congrats and take care!