gave blood//mom and pop cafe//animal supplies//picked up $10 doorprize in the mail & $5 coupon, wow

"there is an article out about knowing oneself as the most important thing a person does in life, next to knowing god, because 9/10's of our time spent on earth is time spent INTERNALLY."
exhausted, but afraid to put menthol muscle rub on my upper back because i'm already sleepy and the menthol may put me out...though sleep may be the right thing.  
gave blood this morning.  had a different phlebotomist.  this one used to work in oncology and was really cool.  she says, if she ever gets cancer, all she wants is pain killers because there are very few miracles.  she sounds like pam.  pam did the same thing from 2002 to around 2008 i think it was and she died, without going to chemo and in the same amount of time that her mother took to die twenty years before that, while suffering through chemo - pam chose to party as much as possible instead.  she had the same - cervical cancer as her mother, and same age when she got it, 40.  i told the phlebotomist that my friend's father had lung cancer at age 65 and he beat it and lived another ten years, outliving both my friend and her mother (his wife).  he died in 2003.  morbid conversation, but i understand what the phlebotomist is saying.  she also loved working in oncology.  interesting, as i would expect it to be a depressing job.  
ran errands - banking and then went to the mom and pop cafe.  haven't been there in a long time and the server is like, its because of me isn't it.  (he screwed up an order once).  definitely not, he's a great server and really tries to do a good job.  odd to have a reaction like that.  its a friendly place.  missed their breakfasts, but maybe just as well, was becoming addicted to their homefries.  they have a new thing there, plastic dog bowls for people's dogs, they fill the bowl with fresh water and bring it to the outside tables for the dogs!  wow!  right along with the water glasses for the humans.  lol.
i was also battling a migraine as i ward them off with caffeine in the morning, and i didn't have enough caffeine this morning because of the starvation blood draw.  could also be stress.  don't really like being poked and jabbed at all.  how do people handle it that go through that kind of thing all the time.  just a little of that, knocks me out.  
went shopping for animal supplies after that and did very well.  i bought fifty and got another fifty for free basically with coupons and all that.  love that place.  they accept all coupons and unload the open bags and expired canned stuff.  today, i just got lucky.  i've had a lucky streak for about two weeks now, i get those.  
picked up my mail and my doorprize was there from the icecream social, its a $10 gift certificate.  yay!  lol.  and i also received a $5 coupon for animal supplies for ubu's b-day, he just turned TEN years of age in may.  don't know the exact date.  ubu has noticeably slowed down as well and tora dora, who is much younger keeps trying to wrestle with him and he ignores and avoids her.  ubu is still wonderful with kittens though as long as they aren't feisty - he's good with the fragile and the shy ones, he still has that.  
i called k's friend to see if she would foster starship because other animals (mostly the kitten) is beating her up and she is hiding on a shelf most days, has scratches on her nose and lost weight, (what a life), but k's friend hasn't called back yet. 
i still have another coupon.  i have a feeling i added wrong and only needed to buy another $5 worth of product to get another $2 off, but i couldn't think straight, which i guess is normal when you give blood.  the girl was cracking up.  i never remember her name and i talk to her half of the time when i go there.  she says to me go straight home and eat and sleep and i say to her, i have to go to work and finish payroll.  lol.  that should be fun.  i finished it yesterday, but friday is fix the mistakes if there are any day.  i ate half a can of apricots and the juice and hoping that will perk me up.  
heading to the marina with a later.  we are expecting weather in the 90's this week.  yay!    



God adores animals! Just ask one of His Messengers, Saint Francis of Assisi!
God loves YOU especially for all you do.
I am proud to call you my Friend.
Take care. You deserve all the good things that come to honestly do!
Peace and Love, Franciann

I\'d go with the menthol and get some sleep!

Such a sad story about your friend Pam. I somehow wish that she would have gone for the Chemo, but glad she was able to party. I guess she did what she wanted to do, and that\'s what matter\'s most.

Congrat\'s on your door prize for you and your beloved animal\'s.

I can\'t think of anything more depressing than being an Ongologist. Obviously it takes a VERY special person to do that.

Very proud of you that you gave blood. I\'ve never been able to.

Good luck with the work and payroll. Hope it worked out ok after the blood donation. :-))


actually not a donation carly, i\'m saying it wrong. blood draw i guess. its to test my lipids and all that. giving blood is a beautiful thing though, i agree. there is always a shortage. the reason is, blood only keeps for a short time. wonder why they don\'t FREEZE it. does it make a difference?

k was asking about p as well. he just had a biopsy done. i\'m still not adjusting to this half of life. so much medical crap to deal with all the time and of course worse as well.