Gathering strengh

Its early,  the sun is out there shinning trough my window.  And  it occured me that maybe, maybe a place of my own wouldn't be so bad.  I checked some places yesterday and it seems I will be able to afford something decent after all.   My daughter most likely stay with her dad, so I will be by myself.  Haven't been completly alone since....well never.  I married young and never had been by myself, but I supposed I could.....sleep naked if I want to....paint the walls orange and yellow.....make new friends.....write as much as I want without having  to cook.
Am trying, or at least I will try.
Today is not the last day of my life.
I have friends, and I have found  a lot of support here in DS.   I have myself.  And God.
Hey  I might get another cat.  And I can name him Odie!