Wake up mommy dare's futterbies in the yard,
Really purrty ones like on my burday card.
I'd pour my self a coffee as I got out of bed,
And kiss the tousled curls of my little sleepy head.
Then to the garden the two of us would go,
Even the sun was waking very very slow.
She would laugh and dance the time away,
As she mimicked the butterflies at play.
Dancing over tigerliies to hollyhocks so sweet,
Then came down to dance around her tiny little feet.
Those days are now long past and and my angel is free,
To watch the butterflies weave 'bout the tiny tree.
She was promoted to Heaven two years ago tonight,
But left me precious memories that I hold tight.
I know in my heart that she is only a whisper away,
And that somehow warms my heart on this dark day.
I was happy when she was promoted to Heaven because I knew I would see my daughter again. Last year was not bad but this week has been especially hard for some reason , maybe because my friend of fort-eight years passed away in September



lovely, Martha, lovely --EJ

My prayers, heart and love are with you.