Funny old bugger.

im such a funny old bugger.i make myself laugh all the wierdness is loved and laughed about by my good friends.hahahha now changing the font just because i can,yes thats eyes must be getting old sitting here with my coffee and fag.puffing and sipping my start to the morning.dressed in my blue pinstripped man jarma pants,my light blue fluffy slippers and an old jersey thats on inside out.the sun isnt up yet and i can hear what i call the laughing birds cumming to life in the paddock.i love tools and have everything from rachit ring spanner sets to trolly jacks.compressors,drills,jigsaw,waterblaster,grinder,electrik plainer and of corse my one idle-the chainsaw,of which i have three.all stihls.mmmmmm,drool,STIHLSSS.i dont go anywhere without my own vehicle because i must always have a way out if i feel like it.i love animals but am very firm on them.i am the man here and they must do as i say,that done i love them to pieces.although quite a hermit my friends would never say im a real rager in my own space!my heart is kind but i dont suffer fools or very protective of our space,no one enters here unless i say mates say i have bigger balls than most and a i am not afraid to die steer thats really scary.hahhahah silly buggers.they also say im hot but i dont take much stock in will not give the truck a service,hahhaha.i may be ruff but the way my cat ,dog and girl look at me with such love makes me think fak the world im doing poor but i have treasures other people only dream of.hahhahaha and im free to do what i want any old time,da da da da da da di