Fun day

Fun day last Tuesday with my grand kids.Their school had a grandparent lunch and bookstore on wheels. I bought a lunch and the kids  brought theirs from home. I got my grandson and granddaughter each a book and also got Ashlynn a journal.
I am encouraging her to write. In English class I learned that writing on paper is a keepsake. doesn't matter what you write...just she does and i try to get her to write something everyday. I have a weekday planner where I write every day. yes, it is small but i am consistent. when I finish this planner I will get a larger one and keep writing. My writing is tiny...really tiny,but it helps me fit everything in the space. When I graduate to a larger journal I think people will  be able to read my journals better.
I got my nails done this week and I am not a seasonal person, but I decided to do my nails for Halloween. They are orange tipped with black lines and on my ring fingers she did a spider web with a spider on it. They turned out quite well, but they don't go with anything I wear.
I dropped the class at school I was taking. I dropped it with a "W" the last day to drop and still get your money back. I am glad that is over. I have panic attacks and school is one of the last places for me to be. i have a hard time being with strangers.
I hope all of you are well and have a good day (or night depending on where you live).



Sounds like a good time with the grandkids for lunch and bookmobile day. Also, having your nails done differently sounds like fun. I am sure that the grandkids love it or will. It is too bad about the class. Learning is such a priority and any chance lost for it is a tough one. Take care. Hugs. Neesie