Fucked up Dough

Pushing my fingers into the bowlKneading the thick dough The pulsing ingredients emanate negativityAngry throes painfully squash the diminutive plasticineThe yellow moulds rise, a miniature vacuum leaving nothingNothing, but empty space  The miniature loaf, a morsel of miseryMoulded in moments, the vessel of deliveryEmpty and free, the beatings relinquish sufferingMoving the form about the bowl, the see through arenaOf pain and suffering   Left to soothe for moments in the heatRaising it’s head, carefully – watchfulIts insides inflate, feeling freeBut fear flattens the fool, lifted away  Torture proceeds, dropped painfullyOnto the side, the furnace opensBefore caged, fallen into fire  Heat transpires to scorch, too hot to blisterBut burning, consciousness dissolves in the blaze  One loaf: misery entombed