fuck the DEA

I've been using synthetic cannabinoids a lot lately, and the DEA has focused a lot and put several in schedule 1. This type of emergency scheduling was intended to control the substance while it could be studied for public safety. Here the end users are a part of the public. How is imprisoning these end users a good way to keep them safe? I've noted the use of the term "victimless crime" a lot by progressives, but how should "victimless" crime exist? So the government can put me in jail to protect me from myself? This is a bunch of horse-shit....The DEA does not prioritize on public safety, though that is supposed to be their purpose, and that, my friends, is just another corrupt federal organization.
I hope the market keeps comming up with new synthetic drugs just to make the DEA's life at least a little harder. The possibilities are practically endless if you find a base compound and then when it gets scheduled release a similar chemical with a structure tweaked just enough to keep it out of the realm of the analog act and the FDE....just keep it up, clandestine labs in China, keep producing new ones till the controlled substances act starts falling apart at the seams