Frustrated, Troubled, Confused, Etc. Etc. Etc.

I'll warn everyone right now-don't bother reading this if you expect my usual on top of the world type ramblings.  I'm afraid I'm going to do some whining here - please forgive me everyone!!!!  It bothers me greatly to do this.
I just can't seem to get ahead of the game healthwise.   The last 2 wks I started getting the odd vasculitis rash outbreak.  I didn't panic right away because I thought it was a reaction to a diff laundry detergent.  Found out that wasn't the case.  I also started experiencing muscle and/or joint pain every day which still goes on.   This usually starts though by abt 5 p.m. or so.  I did & still do wonder abt the weather in this.  My dry mouth comes & goes but, again, I didn't think too much of it because it's something that, with me, always does come & go a bit. 
My rash is now all over the bottom of my legs (between my knees & ankles) & as of yesterday on the palms of my hands too.  It's so darn itchy I swear I'll be scratching all my skin off.
I was doing so #$)%(*#$)%* good for so long.  It's like what the #$@$@$@ has gone wrong all of a sudden.  To boot the soonest opening my rheumy has is March 21st.  I'm on a cancellation list so well who knows.
I'm so frustrated, angry & anything else I can think of.  I'm really trying to regroup here, refocus, put the grump sack me back where she belongs-well hidden.
Anyone have good ideas of what I can do for the itch, any good products anyone has tried.  I've got a Cortisone cream but it doesn't really help a lot.
Well whoever was brave enough to read this all, I so love you & appreciate you for that.



I think it\'s good to get our feelings out here, good and bad, and it helps us organize them and sometimes quiet them down and so on. So, don\'t apologize - it is your journal after all. = )

Please keep in mind something that has helped a lot of us lupies/F.M.ies ... everyone is having a rotten time with this change of weather/seasons, and I do mean everyone I know. So, I am hopeful it will swing the other way soon!

I used to use a cortizone spray and that worked pretty well. What about one of those oatmeal bath products by aveeno?
or maybe some homeopathic tablets for itching? maybe google would give you a good remedy to try from the health food store.

I feel for you and will pray for you. I\'m having lots of ups and downs (mostly downs) lately and it is enough to really stress one out, but, I do think it will pass when spring fully arrives.

I do so hope and pray you feel better. lots of love, m

I\'ve used Aveeno cream and it has worked for me. I get it on my back. Drives me nuts. Can\'t reach it so I have to bug hubby all the time.
Please hang in there. I\'m sure a cancellation will come up soon for you to get in and see your rheumy.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Hugs and love Nance

Sorry no real advice either Mother used to use a thing of baking soda mixed with water until it makes a paste. Then she would put that on our rashes. Have you tried Calamine lotion? So that\'s my suggestions. I have nothing else but to tell you that I\'ll pray for you to get in sooner, and I hope this eases up on you soon. Blessings Kitty.

Only thing I know is that I use a prescription cream for my skin lupus which sounds just like what your going through . The medicine I use is
DESOXIMETASONE USP,0.05%. maybe this will help. I did suggest that maybe you should go to an emergency room and see if they can help you with the itch till you get to see your doctor. Your in my prayers. Love, Frieda

Hi There,

My Thoughts And Prayers Are With You...

WISH, I Knew Some Sort Of Cream To HELP,
But I Am Sorry, I DON\'T...

I Sorta Agree With The 1 Lady,
My Mom Used To Use Baking Soda Also On Us Kids When We Were Little !

Love Ya, Barbara