From the beginning

I should have started doing this from the start, but decided now's as good a time as any. So I'd better go back to the beginning, since it really wasn't that long ago:
Feb 18th (ish), 2016: After being home sick with a cold-type illness for a couple of days, I suddenly noticed that I could no longer hold water in my mouth when rinsing after brushing my teeth, at least not without a LOT of effort. The next day when taking a shower, I noticed that the water was just rushing right into my eyes, as if my eyelids weren't closing all the way. I decided to wait a couple of days because it was weird but I felt fine otherwise.
Feb 22nd, 2016: Started feeling weak overall, heart racing, a little light-headed, decided to call the doctor. They referred me to either urgent care or ER. To avoid outrageous expense of using the ER for a non-emergency situation, I went to urgent care (which is actually situated right next door to ER). I was worried about possiblity of having had a stroke or some cardiac event. They checked me out, no stroke, EKG didn't indicate any problems. My blood pressure was 185/110 when I arrived, but was down to 145/80-something by the time I left. Assuming it was a panic attack, but that doesn't explain the facial weakness that had been ongoing for about 4 days. Doctor said maybe Bells Palsy (although not typical presentation). Suggested follow up with PCP.
2/25/16: Met with PCP. Again, maybe Bells Palsy? Didn't seem right, but he decided to order a Brain MRI and get me scheduled to see a Neurologist.
3/2/16: Brain MRI, results normal
3/23/16: First appointment with Neurologist. He knew within minutes what I had (MG). Explained the symptoms and ordered blood test that day.
3/24/16: Neurologist called to confirm that I had the AchR antibodies and diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis. I was kind of amazed  that the Neuro was able to spot and diagnose so quickly when my only symptom was weakness in my lips and eyelids.
3/25/16: Returned to Neurologist office to talk about first steps. Would order a Chest MRI and start on Mestinon 30mg 3x/day. The mestinon seemed to help a lot, i could feel the "numbness" in my face subside within 30 minutes of taking my first dose. 
3/31/16: Chest MRI
4/1/16: Met with Neuro again, MRI showed a thymoma, surgery recommended. Not an April Fool's Joke! Had begun to notice issues with my eyes over the last double vision or ptosis, but eyes were VERY tired, difficult to focus, just sore as if I'd been staring at a computer screen close up for many hours. Driving in sunlight was very uncomfortable, although by the time I got inside at home, it would normally subside. Today my eyes bothered me to the point that I could not work that afternoon, just could not see to read my computer screen and they hurt unless I kept them closed.
somewhere in here was when I started noticing swallowing trouble and problems speaking. Not terrible, but required focus to swallow foods at times.
4/7/16: Field trip with my 6-year-old daughter's class to the Zoo. I handled it well, the Mestinon was still pretty helpful and I didn't get too exhausted. Got a call from the Thoracic Surgeon to schedule appointment for consultation.
4/13/16: Appointment with the surgeon. I was still holding out hope that MAYBE the surgery wouldn't be necessary. Blood pressure was high (white coat syndrome!). My pulmonary function test was GREAT, so no lung problems. Surgeon described the procedure, recommended Robotic-assisted thymectomy (glad no open sternum!). Still, very nervous and my symptoms were TERRIBLE that day. Wound up taking the rest of the day off work, when I expected to be back in the office after a couple hours. I was wrong. My eyes were bothering me a lot as well. Went home and rested for the rest of the day.
4/15/16: Another Neuro appointment, still feeling uncertain about the it really necessary? I'm waiting to get on the appointment list with Dr Howard at UNC-Chapel Hill, but in the meantime my Neurologist contacted him to get a second opinion about the surgery in my case (it just seemed so FAST considering we hadn't really tried much of anything else). Dr. Howard said yes, the surgery is needed. I did have a thymoma after all.
4/19/16: Nerve conduction study. YUCK! Nobody warned me how unpleasant this would be. And the results were NORMAL because nobody told me not to take my Mestinon that day. Not sure why it was necessary, I was already diagnosed, but I guess since they scheduled this the day of my initial diagnosis, it was something I maybe didn't need to do. Too late now, but hopefully I won't need to do it again.
4/22/16: Neurologist appointment...yeah, the Nerve study was kind of inconclusive at this point no need to retake it. We already know what I have. Scheduled next appointment for 2 weeks after surgery
No more doctor's visits for 2 weeks, kind of a relief!