From my latest blog...

I know my first post (on 20 something bloggers) was an essay, and I just thought that it would give everyone a little better idea of who I am, my persnal story...but I wanted to put my personal touch on this one a bit more.
 I'd just like to say hello to everyone here on 20sb, and wish you all a very happy and warm Thanksgiving, and Christmastime!! It's my very very favorite time of year, and I can feel the magic of the season as soon as fall rolls around.
 I went to a Thanksgiving party with my Christian college club last night (Saturday), and my new friend Kaori invited Jesus into her heart-accepting Him and becoming a Christian. Seeing the journey that God led her on, coming from Japan where there is very little knowledge of or expression of Christianity, to a Catholic host family and becoming interested in God, to us talking-was a delight to see! I also talked with other new friends, and it was by far the best party I've ever been to!
 I am so very grateful, and cannot wait to hear more stories of faith and college dreams when we all get together for Christmas, and celebrate the birth of our Saviour!
God bless!
 -Jasmine Renee
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Wow, Jasmine it\'s always a party in Heaven when someone like your friend invites Jesus into her heart. Celebration time, again I\'m so proud of you, G

What a wonderful party you got to go to! That is wonderful for your friend from Japan getting the love and forgiveness of Christ our Savior! I love this time of year too and embrace all that it offers! I just joined a church and am thrilled to be apart of it. I feel like I found a home. May God bless you richly and fill you with His joy during this holiday season. So glad you became my friend during this time in my life! Hugs and love, Jennay