From $250k/yr to homeless in 3 & 1/2 yrs...

First, it was Sophia's medical problems that depleted every nickel we had...and my husband's retirement, etc.  Then, we lost our business...and last fall his job.  We were in a special agreement for the last 6 months with our mortgage company.  It gave us a lower payment while he tried to find work.  In exchange, we agreed to pay a higher payment after 6 months, or get out within 20 days.
That time is here.  My DH just talked to the mortgage company and we have to be out June 30th.  Oddly we have NEVER BEEN LATE ON OUR MORTGAGE.  And still are not.  But, if they don't get $3500 by June 9th, we have to be out on the 30th. 
I'm on strict bed rest and cannot help pack.  :-(  We have no place to go...what an odd position to be in.  
Our house was a very COMFORTABLE payment for us...we've been here for 7 yrs.  But, life turned upside down for us.
I know God has us covered.  I know He knows where we will go.  But this is so very hard.  After the call, my husband began vomiting violently and could not stand.  This is killing him.
Please lift us up in prayer.