Friendship, Banking, Meds

I've had a good day today-slept in a bit (feeling like yuck as usual-why wake up?). Got up and had toast and tea. Then I took Arnie for our walk, and came back feeling better. Then I DS'd a bit and then Ivan and I went to Glen Eden where i sorted out my bank accounts and my meds.
I love getting on top of little irritations.
Then we went to visit my ex Bryan - we sat in the patchy sunshine and enjoyed being in his garden.
I love being with Ivan and Bryan- feel like the slightly goofy little sister- as well as       the cherished friend. I look up to them both. I appreciate their knowledge and experience-their resilience and independence.
 I like the idea of having friends for life. People who have stuck by me through up and down...Ann Mum's friend is a fair weather friend----sadly she has never called me whe Ive been down. Just says I have to get in touch when I feel like it. Well I don't feel like it. Can't be bothered Im sorry to say. If she cant find it in her to reach out why should I always? The phone works both ways.
Its Guy Fawkes night tonight. We might go out for a cruise to see what we can see. I think I'm over fireworks but I always want a look come November the 5th.
What else? Looking forward to getting my tobacco, and my book from Koon. Looking forward to Christmas-must get the Christmas tree from Bryan's-if it's still there. Hopefully it'll be nice weather for the Orphan's Christmas Lunch and for Ivan's ex's barbecue. Summer! I love it!
Now I'm going to go outside and dead head the polyanthuses.
This isnt 300 words but I am no slave.
Oh, also looking forward to getting The Artist's Way  when it finally turns up.



Guy Fawkes whats that? But bar-be-cue i bea understanden real wells.