friends say the darndest things....

This weekend a childhood friend of mine was coming into town. She's married with 2 kids.  My DH and I started ttc when she was pregnant with her first. She got married about 9 months ahead of us. We've been pretty good friendds throughout the years...we were in each other's weddings and such.  Since she's had kids we don't talk as much as we used to....  So, anyways. She came over and brought her 2 kids. I was excited to tell her that I was 15w pregnant :-) I had been waiting to tell her because I knew she was coming into I wanted to tell her in person instead of over the phone. She knows a lot of our struggles to get pregnant...I mean i told her we were ttc when she was pregnant with her 4.5 year old.  So, I told her and she appeared surprised and happy for me. She asked if it was through an intervention. I told her about how we gave up with the RE and decided to adopt and was working through the application process when we got pregnant on our own. So, we were talking about that when she said "it's just so funny. With this one (pointing to her 10 month old) we only had sex without a condom 1 time and boom I was pregnant."
Ummm.  No, I don't think that is funny. i've been having unprotected sex for 5 years....why would I think that is funny. We had to spend thousands of dollars and years of pain and crying......  why would I think that your "mistake" child is funny. I didn't comment. I just sort of looked away and she changed the topic.
But really....did she think i would find comfort in that?



I\'ve been trying for four years and my mother in law got scared that it may also happen to her daughter and talked her into trying four months before the wedding. She got pregnant the very first time they both happily told me the good news and emphasised that it was the very first time. I\'ll hate them for the rest of my life for doing that.