Friends funeral today

I just finished my friends funeral today.  She was a couple of years behind me in school.  She always had a beautiful smile, and was quite a classy lady.  She fought Breast cancer for years and had such a sense if humor.  Just to give you the idea of how she accepted things, when she was laying on the operating table, getting ready to have her breast removed, she put a sticky smiley face on it for the surgeon to see. That was Cheryl.  She always had a crazy sense of humor.   I felt honored to do her memorial service.  They had a picture of her in her latter years next to her urn and she still looked very pretty, just as I had remembered her. This service was a bit tough for me due to it being so close to my son's death 4 years ago but, I made it through and one of her sisters, whom I had never met, came up to me after the grave site interrment and said ,"you are awesome.  Thank you for the service".  this made me feel a little more "up" due to seeing the sadness and tears of this family.  It brought back a lot of memories from  July 6th, 2005.