friend dying

I was called to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis for a good friend and lady in our church.  She was diagnosed with Lukemia last Saturday.  She was in colorado on a vacation when she had a spell.  They flew her back on air ambulance friday and placed her under sedation.  The found numerous blood clots caused by the Lukemia.  When they tried to bring her out of the sedation, she wouldn't come to so, they did a brain scan and found she had a brain bleed.  They family called me to the hospital last night and they decided to wait till today to decide what to do.  I got home at 3 am this morning.  At 2 pm, they had a brain wave test.  At 8pm they called me and told me they disconnected all life support.  They was no brain wave activity at all. This so very hard on the family.  I led her daughter and her great-grandson to the Lord and baptized them both.  Her grandaughter is one of my Sunday School Teachers.  She was a wonderful, kind, smiling and gentle woman.  I am glad she didn't have to suffer.  I will write again later concerning the wonderful woman, and friend.  She was 80 years old.