After being on her for a long time and knowing the people that I know I said hello to someone that I have spoken to a few times here and there.  This person is on my friends list and has been for some time.  Not that I have ignored her anything.  It has always been just a passing thing as She usually works night shift and I work days.  Today she helped me so much.  I have experienced a lot of stress lately with my baby girl.  I love her so very much it hurts.  She is so smart and so beautiful.  She is awaiting Eval for Asperger's syndrome.  But she has it.  Been told by many that she does including the people that do the eval.  Just have to wait the Formal Eval.  Now.  I have tried and I have tried to teach my daughter the proper way to clean her room.  Last night I had to clean her room.  it took 4 hours just to clean out her closet.    Whle talking to my friend today she made me feel so much better about everything as she knows what I go through.  I helps so much to know that I am not alone in this world .  Tears well up and one feels Like one can go on. 
I have experienced this several times on here.  Ds has showed me that indeed there are people in the world that make life worth it to try.  Before I had just about given up on people and I found DS.  Now I know that even though there are only a few they do exixt.