Friday the 13th.

I'm not superstitious but I was a little concerned that I made a dentist appointment for today of all days. I have a lot of issues with my teeth due to malnutrition and liver disease but after seeing the dentist, we have a plan in place so I know what I can expect. 

Paracentesis went ok the other day. Only had 4.5 liters there. That is a lot less than the times before and I waited longer than the 2 weeks. I hope this means things are getting better but I'm afraid to say it because it doesn't seem to work out like that lately. 

Came home at 114 lbs which really scares me so I'm gonna make some bread and pasta to eat with my ratatoulle. 

Weekend is here. No plans of course. Can't do much. The weather doesn't help my mood but I'm hoping that starts getting better.