Friday is my fav day of the week.

BEcause this is the night I teach my cleass, or at least am a part of a learning circle. I either take charge, or I stand behind. I dunno what I like doin better. Whatever helps me learn I suppose. I been going there for six years. I sure wish I could afford to be a full member. I often feel the brunt of society as if I am some wealthy person or something.
   I had to learn at the age of ten to be self sufficent, because of the home I came from. But I lost their trust along the way when I got into some trouble I shouldn't have. It's the past. I keep telling my smother who I usually adress her as Helen her christian name, or just smother. She pries into my personal life, tells me what to do, and I am a grown a$$ed adult. But since she co-pays I have no other means of living. I was going to file civil charges until I found a way to politely speak to my Landowner how unsafe I feel because my deadbolt key has been missing for years, allowing me to sleepwalk dangerously around. SO in the meantime I alerted townmembers what was going on, then the boss's kid, then maybe I'll call the cops. But They know me by now. I've never been arrested, but I know what it's like to have your freedom taken away. SO While I had time I needed more clean time from my od to earn my allowence back yes out of my entire check I have no access to, I get 25 bucks to live on a week. Seems unfair huh? THey guess at my size, I've lost twenty lbs, and plan to loose more, and all my pants are falling off. SO I brought it to her attention that my bday is comming up. I need a new bed, makeup and family bonding time wheather you like it or not. If you call me one single name, place a blame on me, treat me like a dog just once, I will walk all the way from Hammonton to Laurel Springs just to get away. SO I'll give them one last chance. I told her to get my id she needs to fill out a form to renew my soc sec card, it got burnt in a fire when I was a baby. She has to pay 20 dollars to have it recovered. >
What ticks me off so bad is this feeling that everyone else works so hard just so I can sit and suffer at home? No More of that. For the last time. I am not responsible for the taxes you pay. My rent is always paid, buddy and if you blame me for the state of the union I'll sue you too. Have a nice day. Boy  it isn't that I am lazy. I want to work. I have worked fast food a lot when I was young even then mom wouldn't give me my paycheck and only gave me an allowence how fair is that? Buller buller anyone anyone?